A pleasant walk*

Young Koh

There are many ways to go about it.

It’s life. We often don’t even know what to do about it. We try to get creative about it and move along, plan as things go. These plans don’t always work. Life likes to shove lemons down our throats, so we have to show life how our gastric fluids are even more acidic. Rejections aren’t the newest things we have ever faced. Colleges will shut their doors in our faces. And they won’t lose any sleep over it, either.

But this is altogether a different matter, isn’t it?

It does seem rather strange that you are to take on a rather heavy social burden in such a candid manner. Financially, prom will burn a hole through your pocket no matter how you try to cut corners (don’t). Then there’s also the part about getting a date. Socially, it’s just another event. Ask a friend! It will all be fine and dandy, just teenagers fooling around in a mature setting. Right? Wrong. Who you ask and why you ask have much deeper-reaching meanings and intentions than people make it seem (and you’d possibly lose sleep over it). You wouldn’t ask someone if you don’t even remotely want that person with you. Whatever you do with regards to this event will therefore be watched closely by the Girls’ Syndicate. With everything out in the open, there is little freedom as to what juvenile jokes you can pull off.

The reality is that prom embodies what seems to be a ritualistic entrance into the adult social interaction. It’s dipping your proverbial social toe into the pool of complicated mannerisms that you are expected to follow. There are expectations to be fulfilled: prom, “promposals”, tuxes, cars- they all come to symbolize some form of growing up. You are doing these things by yourself and you have to make decisions of certain actions that may or may not be very stupid decisions. But they are all requirements that make up this much less welcoming face of prom

Which way will you go about it?

*Prom is short for promenade, which means a walk or a stroll in French


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