Job interview musts

Logan Sparks

With summer quickly approaching, many of you are looking for a summer time job that will bring in some money. Here are some tips that will help land you the job you want:

If you want to be a great candidate, then you need to have great preparation. Preparation is the number one thing that will set you apart from other candidates.
Research everything you can about the company. You want to know about the place you’re going to work not just so that you sound intelligent in the interview, but so that you can figure out if it’s a place that you actually want to work at.
Get to know someone on the inside.
Employees can give you an idea of what the job is like and can help you determine if this is a place you would like to work at.

“During the interview, make sure you have strong eye contact” senior Cassidy Johnson says. Johnson has perfected the job interviewing process by landing three jobs.

Now that you know some of the best techniques, you can go out and hopefully get any summer time job you want.


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