New things happening in Jessamine County

Megan McAnly

Have you heard about the new dam being built in Jessamine County? The dam will be located between Jessamine County and Garrard County at Lock 8. The whole investment will cost $12.6 million. Work began in June of 2013 and, according to Jerry Graves, executive director of the Kentucky River Authority, it will be complete by June, 2015.

With long-time leaks in the old dam, the new dam will make the river as well as the other dams and locks better than in past decades. It will also provide better drinking water for the surrounding areas. Let’s not forget that if the water is too high, the dam can let water out. If the water level is too low, they can let more water in. This helps when the weather becomes inclement.

The dam will be constructed of three cylinders, 56 feet in diameter and filled with concrete. A temporary cement plant was installed for the dam and will be removed after the work is complete. The crew is also working on possibly restoring the lock and promoting more tourism in Jessamine County. The River Authority would have to approve opening the lock before they can go further with the idea, and funds are an issue for the plan.

Recently, Kentucky has been improving their rivers dams. The last dam built was Lock 9, costing $14.9 million. The next dam they build will be Lock 10 in Boonesborogh, Kentucky.


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