STC to CRA: West’s Ms. Smith takes over Dr. Wells’ former position

One of the 2013 Jessamine County Teachers of the Year Ms. Smith, current Site Technology Coordinator and part-time math teacher, was recently offered and accepted the position of Curriculum Resource Administrator (CRA).

Ms. Smith’s former position of Site Technology Coordinator included taking on the roll as ACT coordinator for West. ACT coordination will now be split between math teacher Mr. Greene and social studies teacher Mr. Yost.

“I think the things that I bring to the administration team are technology knowledge and the math teacher aspect,” Ms. Smith said. With Smith’s addition to the West administrative team, every administrator came from a different one of the four core subjects: science, English, social studies and math.

“Having a female administrator is also good,” Ms. Smith added. “Some kids only respond to one type of

To become qualified for any principal position, Ms. Smith had to complete a principalship test and 30 hours of classes, which she finished in June of 2013.

West’s CRA position was opened up when Dr. Wells accepted head principalship of West Jessamine High School. Ms. Smith’s former position of Site Technology Coordinator will be given 30 days from its initial job listing before any official decisions can be made.


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