The heart of baseball

Meredith Crockett

The air of spring is among us at last… Well, maybe. With that warmth and growth comes an even greater event: baseball. The sport of baseball has been alive and well for a very long time. From the smell of salted seeds and freshly mowed grass to the late nights of disappointment when we reach the bottom of the 9th and just can’t pull it together (yes, I mean you, Texas Rangers!), baseball entraps us all.

Baseball is a way of life; ask any player or devoted fan. That moment of success, a flawless double play or the crack of a bat that leads to the storm-the-plate moment, all prove what is so special about baseball. Since its origins in the 1830s, baseball has been an escape: a way to avoid the mediocrity of day-to-day life. In the ‘20s, we escaped from poverty and on to the ‘40s: war and death. The thrill of the game provides a 9-inning utopia for those in need. Even today in times of tragedy, such as 9/11 or the 2013 Boston Marathon, baseball has been there to pull us through. It gave us someone or something to route for even when we feel there is nothing left in us. The sport can bring both blood-curdling rage and inexplicable joy all in a matter of minutes, this thrill, being just part of why fans have become so devoted. So, let us become devoted. Let us jump into this season with a heart of optimism, a heart of joy. The endless winter is gone, and its baseball season, and that’s all that matters.


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