Why rush?

Kathleen Hager

Have you ever thought about how people don’t ask what you’re doing after high school anymore, but they ask you where you’re going to college? We grow up with the expectations of going the college route to earn a good degree, to get a good job, to be constantly working to have money, but no time to really enjoy life. Our lifestyle compared to that of the 17th century, when the only expectations was to marry and grow food, is very different. In our society today, we are more efficient and more effective in things such as food production and technological development, but back then, they just enjoyed life and did what needed to be done in order to live. Being successful is never a bad thing, but often times we get so caught up in being the best we can that we leave no room to enjoy the beautiful things in life.

Another example of our busy, rushing lives is the simple activity of driving. Why do people feel the need to constantly ride each other’s tail? It’s because they are in such a rush to get wherever they are going instead of just taking their time. It would be much more logical to just leave your house a couple minutes early. That way your drive is much more enjoyable, but also, you don’t have to be a nuisance to those who do drive the speed limit and are enjoying their day.

I encourage you all to consider these things and take a day off to enjoy creation and take it easy!


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