Class Elections and Student Government

Olivia Mohr

Quite a few of the speeches of students running for office that we read before we voted made a whole lot of promises, and something that showed up a lot was the promise to listen to the student body. And that’s what we need.

Through student government, the student body gets to have a voice; that’s why it’s so important. Our opinions are valuable too, and they can help shape WJHS into a better school.

According to Mr. Blake, a coordinator for student government, the officers last year were very involved in plans for graduation, they were involved with the Sight-Based Decision-Making Council, and overall, they did a great job in helping students’ voices be heard. He is very excited about what the officers will bring to the table this year, and says that they’re a sharp class with great ideas. He hopes that they will continue the great work that the officers last year did.

Last year, Ken Cox worked closely with the student government, and, according to Mr. Blake, Dr. Wells plans to do the same, and looks forward to their input.

So what are the responsibilities of student government? They represent the student body and work with the administration to help better the school, meaning that the students who are elected should show that they possess leadership qualities, and show that they are responsible enough to represent the other students.

This year’s student government’s plans are up to them. In the past, the student government made it so that we did the pledge every Monday morning, they organized fundraisers, they helped out with graduation, and the list goes on. Hopefully this will be another great and productive year for our student government.


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