Confused About Clubs?

Judianne Speach

Looking for a leadership club to join? Look no further—FCCLA and Y club are just two of West Jessamine High’s excellent club choices.

FCCLA is an organization that will help you develop your skills as a leader while strengthening the community. We have some awesome community service plans for this year, and we also hold fundraisers. Last year, we threw a Spring Family Fun Night for the Early Learning Village. The kids decorated cupcakes, took pictures with the Easter Bunny, and I was proficient in making bunny headbands by the end of the evening!

A huge part of FCCLA is STAR events, a competition in which you create a thorough project on most anything you’re interested in. You present your project to judges and demonstrate how your project made a difference in your community.

We go on a few trips throughout the year, including National Cluster Meeting, State Meeting, and if your STAR event proceeds to the next level, National Meeting! I’ve made some of my favorite memories on these trips.

Trust me, this club is awesome. We need you—whether you want to volunteer, fundraise, or you just have ideas, stop by and come to a meeting! It doesn’t hurt to at least check it out!  The more members, the merrier! Hope to see you in October!
“Y” should you join the Y club? It is a leadership club, but so is FCCLA, DECA, HOSA, FFA…etc. Y club is a student-run service organization that participates in model government conferences. Members go on two trips: KYA, and KUNA.

KYA is a mock Kentucky legislature conference. You have the opportunity to propose and vote on bills, while competing to get bills passed. It is a great learning experience, especially for public speaking skills.

KUNA is a mock United Nations assembly. Each delegation represents a country, so you’ll learn all about different cultures, and how the United Nations operates.

If you’re interested in debate, government and service, and you want to become a better leader, Y Club is the organization for you. President Nicole Fielder says they’re not even looking for experience; you’ll learn the ropes just by being in the club!

“Step out of your comfort zone and learn about the legislative process that affects our daily lives,” Fielder says. “We have a voice, even as the youth of Kentucky!”



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