New Students of West High

Amanda Doyle

With 25 to 75 new students entering the halls of West Jessamine High School every year (not to mention an entire new freshmen class every year), it’s hard not to notice new faces in the hallway. These new students come from various schools like East Jessamine High School, and even private schools like LCA. Many different factors play into transferring schools: for Brock Anderson, transferring to West from Trinity Christian Academy offered a change in atmosphere. “In small schools, you know everyone, and you know everything about them,” he says. In many ways, West offers transfer students a change in culture.

The large halls of West High are a big change for students coming in from a school with a few hundred people. The change in population would be like going from the heart suburbia to right inside a big city. Katherine Antle, a transfer from LCA, says “Everyone is really nice, but it’s kind of hard to meet people.” This challenge is faced by many new students, so keep in mind when walking through the hallways that being nice and welcoming could make a new student’s day!


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