The Governor’s Scholar Program

Emerson James

My experience at GSP was, as expected, incredible; it was, undoubtedly, the best 5 weeks of my life.  It is hard to explain why it is such an amazing experience and how such a short amount of time can change your life for the better.

Many misguided people think that GSP is like school where you study and get graded; I am here to tell you that it is not that.  It is also not a place exclusively for nerds, I knew several people with ACT scores of sub-24 in the program.  It’s best to think of it as college (minus the grades and the money) where your “Focus Area” is like your major. This means there will be others with similar interests in the same “Focus Area” as you.

I can guarantee you will make a friend in the 5 week long summer program.  There are so many different types of people at GSP; you learn to become friends with most all these people.  I truly have made lifelong relationships with people at GSP.  The scholarship isn’t the best part of GSP. If you have any questions about GSP, I would be happy to answer them for you. There are many more things to know that I would love to help with.

Emerson was one of 5 West juniors, including Monica Alden, Nicole Fielder. Shawn Murphy and Jesse Seales, to attend the program.  If you are a junior and are interested in applying, then visit !



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