West vs. East

Colton Williams

The Colts and the Jaguars got together Friday, September 19 for their annual crosstown rivalry match. This year the Colts came out victorious, with a final score of 28-25. It was a thrilling game, which will likely live in the minds of the players and the fans for years to come.

The touchdown by Daniel Snider with just 40 seconds left was the last score of the game, which gave the Colts their lead and gave East little time to recover.

Conner Welch, whose interception with less than five minutes to play helped propel the Colts to their victory, said of the win, “We all played great, the offense put points on the board and the defense came out to play. We forced turnovers and converted at the right moments; I couldn’t be more proud of the team, and now we have the confidence we need to keep improving.”

The Colts hope, as do the students and supporters, that this will spark a run of wins, as they continue to improve and make their school proud.


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