Colts’ Baseball: Making History

Taylor Mozer

1 team. 29 players. 8 seniors. 8 Juniors. 5 Sophomores. 8 Freshman.  West Jessamine, the first 12th region team to win the state title since Somerset of 1974, finished the season on an eleven game winning streak for a record of 36-7. This is the highest record our Colts have accomplished!

Coach Jody Hamilton became the first coach to win state baseball titles at two schools. “It’s not about me,” Hamilton says. “I’m humbled, believe me. The dear Lord has given me so many good things, and He gave me another great ball team.” Hamilton says what gives him most satisfaction is knowing “these boys will have memories to cherish for the rest of their lives!”

Junior Ryan Layne summed up his experience with one word: “Awesome!” Although the boys had a great game and taking practice seriously, they also had some funny superstitious moments. The Colts wore the same camouflage jerseys the last six games of the playoffs. Their team trainer found a heads-up penny on the way down to the finals. Clearly, they were serious about taking that trophy home!

The West Jessamine Colts won their first state baseball championship because they were by far the best hitting team in KHSAA state tournament. Sophomore Kendall Peters didn’t realize their hitters were so talented. “We usually have really tight games. This was the only time this season we hit the ball all over the place.” Well, the state tournament certainly is a good time to execute the best hitting of the season.

This summer, Coach Hamilton’s team made history! After speaking with sophomore, Jack Ockerman and Senior Ryan Layne, who both will return to the field next season, they express the same goal: “try to win state championship again!” Obviously West Jessamine High school has a lot to be proud of. Go Colts!!


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