Dress Code Fiasco

Ariel Gay

The issue of dress code in public schools has become quite the controversial conversation piece. Whether it was wearing feathers in our hair, putting silly bands on our arms or showing up with shorts that may have been just a tad too short, administration has not hesitated to “put us in our place”. And even though sometimes we seem a little angry with our dress code, we really should be thankful for the things we are allowed to wear here at West Jessamine. Not every school allows girls to wear shorts above the knee, or wear shorts at all, shirts showing the shoulders or dresses above the ankles.

Many other schools have much stricter dress codes and parents have not hesitated to use social media as a way to convey their anger towards the schools. Just a few weeks ago, I saw a Facebook image of a girl from Woodford County who was sent home for showing her collarbones. Imagine it you weren’t allowed to show your collarbones at school; I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t have much to wear to school. I feel like we should focus on the positives of our dress code instead of dreading the frivolous little negatives; we all know what is considered appropriate. Be thankful that we are allowed to wear what we can and next time you get angry with our administration for our dress code, just remember that it could be much MUCH worse.


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