Lydia Burns

ILP: It stands for Individual Learning Plan, but you probably know it better as that dumb thing you have to do in the computer lab every year that says you should be a bellhop when you grow up.

But what is it really?

Well, the ILP is tool that every student is required by the Kentucky Department of Education to (at least partially) utilize, as it is supposed to help students “determine what resources and tools they need to be prepared for a successful pathway in life after graduation.” And I know what you’re thinking,

This is a joke right?

For many years now a lot of students, myself included, haven’t been taking this resource very seriously. However, if you can force yourself to look past the ridiculousness of whatever career its Matchmaking program said you were suited for, *cough, cough… Comedian* you may find some of its tools to be incredibly helpful in not only your college application process, but also your life in general.

But seriously, you’re joking, right?

Nope. The ILP has all kinds of fancy little programs that are incredibly helpful. Some examples include:

Search for Financial Aid

College Planning Timeline

Resume Builder

Work Search

…And so many more!!

Ok, so how do I log on?

Now that I have convinced you that the ILP is at least worth checking out again, you’re probably wondering how on earth you even get to this website you use once a year. Well don’t worry; the log in process is actually incredibly easy. All you need to do is type “” into your web browser, and you’re there! Your username is your 10-digit student id number (which you can find on your infinite campus) and your password is whatever you set it to be last year. And if you don’t remember what you set your password to be, you can always check in with the guidance department.


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