New Teacher At West: Ms. Collins

Madison Sherwood

Ms. Collins, a brand new teacher at West, previously did her student teaching at Tate’s Creek High School. She said that this is her dream job because not only does she teach English for seniors, she teaches drama.

Collins has known she wants to teach drama practically her whole life. She credits this to both her parents being involved in the arts, saying, “Ever since I was three or four I’ve grown up in a theatre. And when I was finally old enough to cognitively ask for an audition, my mom let me, and I’ve done it ever since.” She hopes to teach students here what theatre is really about and help her students open up. “We all know the drama kids know that we’re weirdos, so if you can embrace your inner weird and tap into it, that’s definitely a good thing.”

She hopes to one day direct traditional shows that have “older English” and “harder text” at our school. Ms. Collins also plans on getting to know her students and being involved in the student-directed show to know our program better. Not only does she want to introduce more kids to acting, she would like to see more students backstage helping with lights, sound, costumes, props, and other various stage hand jobs such as “wrangling people backstage.”

The fall show this year is The Mousetrap, a murder mystery by Agatha Christie. The Mousetrap in a British production set at a guest house, Monkswell Manor, that includes six guests and the young couple who inherited the manor. The newly married couple, Giles and Mollie Rolston (played by Jacob Dowell, grade 12 and Amelia Fitch, grade 10) are your typical couple; comically jealous and fussy. The guests include Christopher Wren (Luis Santiago, grade 10), Mrs. Boyle (Phileena Jackson, grade 10), Miss Casewell (Audrey Fitch, grade12), Major Metcalf (Jordan Tetterton, grade 11), Mr. Paravicini (Drew Dear, grade 11), and Detective Trotter (Madi Baldwin, grade 10). Not only does this show have a great cast, it has a great crew. I would advise everyone to come and support our established theatre program this fall.

Not only does she love drama, she was an English major. As a teacher, she hopes to be on the same level as her students. She uses slang like “homie” in class and wants to be the best teacher she can be. Collins also wants to show her students that they can be young and successful. She likes to teach because it’s different every day, and she can interact with her students while having fun in class. Everyone should most definitely introduce themselves to Ms. Collins. She is going to be a great fit for everyone here at West.

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