Opinion: GOP Debate Synopsis

Meredith Crockett

Regardless of where you stand on the political spectrum, we can all agree that the most recent GOP, Republican debates were one thing: madness. Together with Donald Trump’s all too frequent racist, sexist, and narcissistic remarks, Rand Paul’s quarrels with Governor Christie, Ben Carson’s futile but persistent interjections, all combined with the general arrogance of the Republican candidates, at times the debates were downright unbearable, unless you viewed it as SNL-like satire. The questions were just as you would expect, hot topic social, political and economic issues (ISIS, gun control, gay marriage, national security, privacy etc.) phrased in a manner that make the Republicans trigger-happy and quick to spill irrational, emotion filled answers that either didn’t address the problem or offered no real solution to the issue at hand. The general population was able to get little to no real, relevant information from the candidates because somehow those who had a legitimate, serious rhyme or reason to be debating were “Trumped” as it were, by the one real take-away from the debates: Donald Trump. If you were to ask the average American about the debates my guess is that close to all of them would have something to say about Trump. Though he had absolutely nothing relevant or good to say, in an instant he became the face for the Republican Party. What became abundantly clear throughout the debates is this: Trump is their puppet. He has been trained through years of greed, selfish ambition, multiple marriages, many TV shows, and billions of dollars to be the most controversial man in our popular culture. But the question I have is this: Why are we allowing this man, this hated man, to lead the Republican Party and attempt to become the next great leader of our nation when so many others (Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, Scott Walker ect.) have clear, precise, and logical plans to change our country? This unfortunately is why our GOP is falling into the depths of no return. Instead of shutting Trump down and building up those qualified, true candidates, the Republican Party hasn’t budged financially or through media and unfortunately this is causing the GOP to remain stagnant. And a stand still is the last thing our common American Republican at home wants. Our nation needs a true, sane Republican voice to balance out our Congress and White House. This is where you and I as voters and participants of a democracy come in. We need to show the GOP where our votes and voices matter. Whether through social media or pledges to fund, we need to put our time, money and voices where it counts by becoming informed voters on the issues and candidates that can and will change our country. Be looking ahead as we reach full fledge debating season and keep your eyes peeled for those who are ready to put their best foot forward for America.

Note: similar analysis of the Democratic debates will be provided once they occur.


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