Principal’s Corner: Mr. McConnell

Judianne Speach

Welcome to the Principal’s Corner, where we keep you updated monthly on West Jessamine from your principal’s perspective! It is worth reading. Really, I wouldn’t skip this article.

So, as far as the six-period day goes, in another article, Hallie Pinkston gives us an idea on student opinion. But is it actually a successful change? “The positives have outweighed the negatives,” McConnell says. He notes the increase in elective opportunities and flexibility for students. As far as JCTC goes, it benefits because there is more double-booking, so students take more classes there, but a smooth transition with shuttling is still being perfected. Because of less instructional time, the AP students are at a disadvantage, but they can certainly adjust.

When asked what the biggest challenges have been this year so far, McConnell remarks about the large freshman class that I’m sure we all have noticed. It is great for enrollment, being “a good problem to have, but tough for management.” Overall, there is simply less space. I noticed there is definitely more traffic in the hallways (and on the road). The crowdedness issue will probably be addressed in the distant future, solved by trailers for additional classrooms or possibly a new school. Personally, I worry about the parking lot size. I sure hope the class of 2019 can all have a place to park! McConnell says that this is a plausible solution…provided by proper funding, of course.

McConnell also gave the scoop on upcoming dates. Classmates, get out your agendas. Or phones. Or whatever. Homecoming is October 9! This is a very important date—be there!  Also, on September 23rd, there will be a schoolwide assembly. Jerod Thomas, a college athlete and substance abuse counselor, will give an inspirational presentation. Also, can I just say that I can’t believe that seniors are ordering their caps and gowns this week…where does time go?!

Speaking of seniors, Mr. McConnell has a bit of advice: “Have a plan!” Graduation will be here before we know it. He suggests preparing now, whether that plan is college or a career. Plus, once you’ve made a decision, senior year will be a lot less stressful!

Well, that’s all for September’s Principal’s Corner. Stay tuned for next week!


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