The Dinner Project

Judianne Speach

Some of us are involved in clubs at JCTC. Some of these clubs encourage leadership. Some of these “leadership development” activities involve fundraising and competitions. Some of us participate in such activities, such as running a Snack Shack, or hosting a school dance. Some of us don’t. Some of us pay the member dues and sit back.

But what about making a difference? What about leading for the sake of serving others?

I’ve got an idea.

You see, I have this vision, but I need help carrying it out. I want the community to come together to make meals for families in need, whether the need financial or emotional.

I know what you’re thinking: what’s the big deal? There is simply something special about enjoying a meal with your family. It creates a sacred fellowship that can only be found in the home. Your family and your home should be your safe haven. Family relationships should be nourished, and one way to provide this cultivation is quite literal: food. I honestly think that if families made a daily effort to sit down to eat together and converse, the world would be a different place.

This project requires a lot of helping hands, though. Of course, cooking the meals will require people. This will occur on a weekly basis, and with the help of the Salvation Army, families will receive a home cooked meal. The biggest obstacle, however, is obtaining the ingredients…which is the main reason I’m writing this right now. I am hoping to collect food through neighborhood food drives, but it’s not dependable. This project requires money! I would love to see as many people pitching in as possible. If you have any ideas for raising money or would like to help/donate, please find me at school or contact me at!

Technically, The Dinner Project is through FCCLA. But why not make it a community project? We can improve families together. Even if it just means a simple meal and a night of fellowship, an act of such love can make a difference.


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