What Do YOU Have to Say about the Six Period Day?

Hallie Pinkston

As you probably know, the school board has put a 6 period day into effect for the 2015-2016 school year. The question on most everyone’s mind is, why? The reasoning behind this change was to reduce class size and give students the opportunity to partake in more electives.  Having conversed with many students and staff, there are various opinions on this change.  Junior Peyton Goble states, “It makes the school day go by faster, but gives me more responsibilities and more home work.”

Other students, like senior Austin Reed, disagree. He claims “The school day feels twice as long.”

On the other hand, Mrs. Tiffany May, a science teacher at WJHS, says, “The shorter class periods helps students stay focused because they don’t have to sit still for as long.” The only complaints from teachers are that they have less time to cover the curriculum because with the shorter classes, they lose approximately 36 days of instruction.  Overall, the 6 period day has been a success. Class sizes have decreased drastically and we have added a variety of classes to our school.

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