Athlete of the Month: Javier Chavez

Peyton Goble

Javier Chavez, defensive end for the Colts, has been playing football for only a year. After one week into the regular season, Javier was starting for Varsity. When asked how he managed to succeed in this goal of starting, he responded saying, “It was something I wanted, and I was willing to work hard to be a starter.”

His goal to start was not to be the star under the Friday night lights; it was to help his team make plays. Javier stated, “Success in football is not determined by the score at the end of the game. Success is determined by how hard a person fights each play.”

Javier intends to push his team further than the team is expected to go this season. Javier claimed, “I want our team to make it to district playoffs, beat east, and I want the juniors and seniors to set a good example for the freshmen and sophomores.

Javier’s high standards do not just apply to football. Javier plans on attending EKU after high school and to major in criminal justice.


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