Fall into Fun Activities

Peyton Goble

Fall in Kentucky…the state of random weather patterns and hospitality. Fall is a very beautiful season in the Bluegrass State, and it is a season filled with fun activities. Things you could do to make your fall season memorable include hiking, carving or painting pumpkins, and/or hosting a bonfire.
Most people would agree that fall is the most pleasant time to hike. The leaves are changing from green to a peaceful yellowish orange, the morning fog refreshes your skin and the fresh air cools the lungs. The fall temperature helps to create a pleasant walk. Some people do not hike because they cannot find a place with public access. If this is your problem, there are a few examples of places close to central Kentucky to enjoy a hike, and Raven Run is one of them. There are several trails at Raven Run to hike that can appeal to all hikers. The green trails are the easiest, the yellow are intermediate and the red are expert. All classes of trails share one thing in common; they possess beautiful views overlooking the Kentucky River. The sights are astonishing and make one respect the planet on which they live. Another place to hike is a bit of a distance, but entirely worth the drive. It is Natural Bridge. Natural Bridge has a beautiful and easy path to an astonishing destination. When you reach the end of the hike you arrive at a natural rock bridge connecting two cliffs together. You may ask yourself how the structure got there. Well, that is for you to decide.
Carving or painting pumpkins is a fall activity that is easy for anyone of all ages to do. It is an easy way to spend time with family or friends while being creative. If you are a perfectionist and hated coloring outside the lines in elementary school, then there is a way to keep your sanity and paint pumpkins at the same time. Templates can be purchased at most stores for a cheap price.
Hosting or going to a bonfire is a great way to socialize with friends and build friendships. Sitting around a radiant fire on a cool fall night can provoke entertaining conversations with friends. What is a bonfire without s’mores? S’mores are what make any activity involving a campfire complete. Without s’mores the guests will question the sanity of the host.
Even if these activities are not things that interest you, there are still many different things that you can do during fall to make it one you will never forget.


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