Fall: Season of Sickness?

Judianne Speach

It’s fall! The season of pumpkins, sweaters, apple cider donuts, cool weather…and a new season of sickness.

Why do I call it the season of sickness, you ask? Because sniffing noses, headaches, and tummy aches are everywhere. The change in weather is a hard adjustment. At one of my recent golf tournaments, it was 30 degrees and I couldn’t feel my toes when I teed off; it was 55 and I was removing my jacket when I turned in my scorecard. Needless to say, I had a pretty bad headache after that round because of that crazy weather.

And what about allergies? I don’t suffer from them, but I know plenty of people who do, and mixed with the cold weather that can sometimes induce a runny nose anyway, that’s not very fun.

These past few days, I’ve had a virus. I always thought being sick was no big deal; you stay in bed all day and miss school. Boy, was I wrong. It was miserable. And when I waited in line for the nurse’s office on Wednesday (yes, a line), I realized…maybe I should send out a friendly reminder about this sickly time of year. Remember to wash your hands, get enough sleep, eat wholesome meals, and stay warm! I sound cliché, but sometimes you forget how terrible sickness is until you catch the flu. Right now, a headache/fever/aching virus is going around, according to my local pediatrician. Just be on your guard! I still have an awful headache as I write this…

Remember, the pumpkins, sweaters, and apple cider donuts cannot be enjoyed when you’re weak in bed with an ice pack on your head!


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