Russian Bombings in Syria

Bryce Spanyer

As you may know, ISIS has been gaining control in the Middle East, especially in Syria. President Barrack Obama has ordered several airstrikes on the country to try to weaken ISIS’s forces. But things have been taken to a whole new level now that Russia has joined the fight. Citizens of Syria saw this as a good thing when they first heard about it. However, as good as Russia’s intentions are, they are causing more harm than help. The airstrikes they have provided have been killing and harming hundreds of Syrian citizens. Among the dead are many women and children that had no shelter during the bombings. “It’s unacceptable, it’s dangerous, and it’s reckless behavior that adds to the tensions,” Secretary General Jens Soltenberg told CNN in a recent interview addressing the airstrikes. Russia is not only harming civilians; they are also violating Turkish airspace. They are flying their jets through no fly zones that the Turkish military has installed. In more recent events, Russia has put naval ships in the Caspian Sea to try to get a better firing advantage on ISIS. Russia has been preparing for warfare against ISIS for weeks, and they decided to make a move launching a cruise missile called “Kaliber,” targeted for Syria and landing in Iran. So far there has been no word from Iranian officials, but there is information on the destruction of several buildings and multiple injuries; however, there are no confirmed deaths. Russia’s president Vladimir Putin also has had no comment on the issue. One Syrian is quoted saying “all we can do is pray.”


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