Student Leader of the Month: Elizabeth Antoniou

Alexa Meza

Senior Elizabeth Antoniou is West Jessamine’s student leader of the month. While juggling classes, dancing at Diana Evans School of Dance, being a member of our school’s dance team, partaking in Youth Leadership Jessamine County, and holding the position of NHS president, it’s obvious that she has experienced the trials and the triumphs that come with being in a leadership position. NHS is a student organization that invites juniors and seniors with a 3.5 GPA or higher to participate in monthly meetings, community service projects, and club events that can benefit our school and community. Getting her start around sophomore year, Liz says being a leader wasn’t something that came naturally. A few years before 10th grade, she recalls being shy and introverted. Speaking on what skills she has developed over the years, she says, “I have definitely learned to be more well-spoken and personable. Having confidence in what you’re saying and being personable to others are strong qualities for student leaders.” One way that Liz has improved upon these skills in Youth Leadership Jessamine County is by creating the PAWS, Pick Animals Within Shelters, Project. By selling t-shirts and holding bake sales, she is raising money to help benefit the Jessamine County Animal Shelter. Through this project, she shares that she has been able to engage with community members as well as connect with people who share her same love for sheltered animals.

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