Sushi for the Stone Broke Student

Sarah Nesselroade

Have you ever been in the mood for sushi but unable to satisfy your desperate need because you were both unable to pay the expensive price at most restaurants and unwilling to settle for the gas station kind that has wasabi that looks like it could easily be something else turned green? Well, then you are in the same boat I was in for years. Coming from a family heavily influenced by Asian cuisine and culture, it was tough for me to find quality sushi that my family did not have to take a long time to prepare ourselves.

But alas, one day I found the light at the end of the tunnel: Red Bang Bang. You may have heard of it or seen it while driving by either The Local Taco or Guitar Center by the mall; regardless, Red Bang Bang proves to be an affordable restaurant to attain the quality sushi for which your heart so desperately yearns. The set¬up is similar to what you find at a Subway; all the food options are in front of you, and you get to watch them make your masterpiece of rice, crab, avocado, or anything else you may be craving right before your eyes.

Speaking of options, you might as well have walked into your local Japanese market because they have practically everything. And I say that with no exaggeration. For anyone with certain food restrictions or allergies, they have you covered! Red Bang Bang has all sorts of toppings to choose from if you are unable to eat specific foods, and they even have a soy wrap for those allergic to seaweed!

In my personal opinion, outside of the sushi itself and its affordable price, there are two things that caught my eye as to why Bed Bang Bang stands out from other sushi restaurants: their sushi cards and the cucumber water. Once you go to the checkout, you will be given a “Sushi Card”. This card has 6 circles and every time you purchase a sushi roll, you get a stamp on one of the circles. When you accumulate 5 of the 6 stamps, you get an entire roll of sushi free. Could you ask for anything better? (The answer is “No”, by the way).

Red Bang Bang’s other notable mention is its cucumber water, and it’s impeccable. I’m not kidding. Once you sit down and enjoy the delectable sushi that has been lovingly prepared, you walk past the gloriously sophisticated cucumber water that would make just about anyone feel like they were either being treated at a day spa or that they were magically twelve times richer. The taste alone is superior to any water you could possibly find anywhere else. But the fact that this water is free on top of getting a card to earn, yet again, free sushi upon receiving a very affordable sushi roll, what else is there to say? Is there any better way to score your sushi with a BANG? *Drops the mic*.


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