Christmas is Brewing

Lauren Hemenover

Is it possible for an only-use-once paper cup to capture the attention of the entire nation? Evidently so. The current “War on Christmas” has done a pretty successful job of stirring up a latte controversy across the country. I will spare you the details of this issue just for the sake of time and because most of you already know what it is, thanks in part to the convenience of social media. For those of you who are completely unaware of the situation, I highly suggest that you make an appointment with Twitter or simply ask the handful of people in your classroom who have Starbucks cups on their desks. It’s a great conversation starter.

There are many different opinions stirring people up about this issue, but it’s clear that this whole issue boils down to one thing: change. When change happens in our lives, it’s only natural to find a scapegoat, or at the very least complain about it. The beans have finally been spilled. The people have spoken and their message is loud and clear: it’s not okay to change Christmas, which means it’s definitely not okay to take Christ and Christmas off of America’s most beloved cups. It’s an unspoken rule that has never been broken until now. Now that it has been broken, the worldwide web has exploded. It’s actually quite impressive to see the attention that this controversy is receiving. Even prominent political figures are beginning to publicly announce what side they’re on.

Whether or not you believe that “It’s Just a Cup” is up to you, but it’s important to realize that along with these simple cups comes a simple yet complicated question: why? In the spirit of Christmas, why is a disposable cup such a huge deal, especially when Starbucks is selling a bunch of other products that advertise Christmas? Why are we worrying about this issue instead of worrying about other things that are more important and more controversial? To make it even broader, what does this say about our priorities? Everyone has their own opinion on the issue, so it’s impossible to answer these questions in a way that will please everyone. Who knew that a cup could bring about such a debate?

On a light note, amidst all of the radical claims that are being made about this argument, there is one thing that I know with certainty – true Starbucks lovers may be insane, but at least they believe that these cups are more than a blank space where you can write your name.



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