Christmas Traditions

Hallie Pinkston

The holidays are a prime time to come together with family and friends. Whether it’s through decorating the tree or baking cookies for Santa, everyone has their own unique way of getting into the holiday spirit. We look at our family’s holiday festivities as the norm, but we never give much thought as to what others do during this cheerful time. Completely absorbed by our own thoughts about plans for the upcoming break or how to cram for finals, we never take the time to ask our fellow classmates what they do to get into the Christmas spirit. What better way to get to know your peers than to hear a few of their traditions? One student, Marley Woods, has many Christmas traditions. On December 21st, she and her family go Christmas caroling and then play games. Every Christmas after Javier Chaves and his family open presents, someone will hide a pickle in the tree, and whoever finds it receives an extra gift. Jude Louis will eat a special Haitian dish and spend time visiting with family. Grace Mummert and her family always put up their Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving. Branch out and ask some of your peers about their Christmas traditions! You might have something in common! Christmas traditions are unique to every family, and after hearing about others’ traditions, you might decide to pick up on some new ones.


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