Holiday Shopping on a Budget

Whitley Mitchell

The holiday season is officially here, which means that our shopping bags get heavier and our wallets get lighter. However, giving great gifts doesn’t mean emptying your wallet. These three helpful tips will help you save money this holiday season!

1. Have your limits! Before you go shopping this year, put away your credit cards and instead, take a certain amount of cash with you. This will insure that you don’t go over your budget.
2. DIY’s! The most heartfelt gifts are made from scratch. Just search Pinterest for Holiday DIY gifts and get to work! I promise the person who receives a homemade gift will love it even more knowing you put time and effort into making it.
3. Take people off the list. Yes, I know it sounds harsh, but not every co-worker and family friend needs a gift. Think about who really means the most to you, and give gifts to those people. If it makes you feel guilty, you can always send Christmas cards to those distant relatives and old friends.


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