New Teacher at West: Mrs. Gilvin

Kaili Carson

As many of you have noticed, we have lots of new teachers at WJHS this year, all of whom are eager to make a positive impact on our school. Mrs. Gilvin is the most recent addition to our history department. She attended high school at Tates Creek and received both her undergraduate and master’s degree from the University of Kentucky. Her profound love of teaching originated from her experience tutoring in college. When asked why she chose to teach history, she responded, “I love to study it, and I think it is a fascinating subject. More importantly, it is the only way we can figure out the world today and how we all fit into it.” Mrs. Gilvin was drawn to West because she was impressed with the leadership that both the students and staff exemplified. So far, she has thoroughly enjoyed her experience at WJHS and she feels at home, saying that she feels like she is part of a family. We are exceedingly proud of our wonderful new teacher, Mrs. Gilvin, and we know that she will continue to make a difference in her students’ lives!


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