New Year’s Resolutions

Madison Sherwood

We all have New Year’s resolutions, but few people accomplish them. From getting more organized to getting a driver’s license, most of us have goals but have difficulty meeting them. I don’t think I can honestly say I’ve ever met any of my New Year’s resolutions. Hopefully 2016 will be different for those who aim to achieve personal goals in 2016.

Some students resolutions for the New Year are “staying organized” (Ashley McGrann, grade 12), “sticking to my priorities” (Jenna Siekmann, grade 12), and “finally getting my driver’s license” (Shelby Rodgers, grade 11). Many teachers have resolutions too. Mr. Lowe plans to “eat less”. No matter what our goals are, we will all have off days, but if we try hard enough, we can achieve our New Year’s resolutions.


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