You Are a Pokemon: A Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Review

Kayla Morris

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again, and Nintendo has released many games for the holidays, including Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon. If you’re new to the Mystery Dungeon series, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is a turn-based dungeon crawler RPG in which you get to play as a Pokemon instead of catching them all. Super Mystery Dungeon is the fourth installment of this spin-off Pokemon series.

When Super Mystery Dungeon was first announced, people began to wonder if it would be a hit, like the first two, or a miss, like the previous installment. After playing through the entire story, I can say that the game is pretty good. However, there are a few things in the game that may turn people away from it. First of all, the story starts off slowly. You’re a Pokemon who has to go to school, and you don’t get to do rescue work for a while. I felt that the school story was interesting but it didn’t grab my attention as much as the rest of the story did. For the most part, however, the story of this game was well done.

Many mechanics that were missing in Gates To Infinity have returned. For example, the personality quiz that you take at the beginning of the game is back with a twist. If you don’t get the Pokemon that you want, you won’t have to restart the game. Instead, it will ask you if the Pokemon given to you is the one you want, and, if you say no, you can choose the Pokemon you want. I’m glad that Nintendo added this because I remember how frustrating it was without it in the first two games. In this game, I wanted to be a Fennekin, but I got Chimchar instead, so I switched to get Fennekin. The game also has a wide variety of Pokemon from which to choose instead of just having five like Gates To Infinity did.

Does anyone remember how easy the Mystery Dungeon games were? Super Mystery Dungeon takes that and tosses it out the window. This time around, you’ve got to be able to strategize properly because the wild Pokemon in dungeons do crazy damage to you. I got my butt kicked by the time I got to the third dungeon, and the only reason I made it through the dungeon was because of the Reviver Seeds I had. This challenge frustrated me at times because I was trying to get used to the difficulty spike. I even had to put my 3DS down for a moment to let off some steam. Once I learned how to strategize against it, I started to enjoy the challenge. However, the difficulty level drives other people away from the game.

On the plus side, Super Mystery Dungeon has some new content that makes for a very enjoyable experience. For the first time in a Mystery Dungeon game, you can recruit all 720 Pokemon to your team! You can do this through the Connection Orb, which is where you get your rescue missions. Inside of the Connection Orb is a web of the Pokemon with whom you have connected, and it kind of looks like the Affinity Chart from Xenoblade. Each time you complete a mission, you connect with at least one Pokemon, and you can bring them on missions with you. The coolest thing about the Connection Orb is that you can connect with Pokemon from previous installments of Mystery Dungeon. That’s right, guys! You can go on mission with the almighty Grovyle! The nostalgia hits hard with this concept of the game, especially with those who have played Blue/Red Rescue Team or Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky.

Overall, Super Mystery Dungeon was very enjoyable, and it proved that the Mystery Dungeon series could still be good. I recommend giving the game a try if you are a fan of turn-based RPGs and you are willing to accept a challenge. Happy Holidays, everyone!


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