No Shave November For a Good Cause

Whitley Mitchell

It’s that time of year when throwing away your razor and embracing your natural side is cool. Whether you like it or not, No Shave November has recently become somewhat of a tradition. To most people, this is just a contest between men to see who can grow the best beard, or for those fearless women, it’s an easy way to have month long leg warmers. Little do they know, this furry tradition has a greater purpose. The Matthew Hill Foundation encourages people to resist shaving for the entire month of November, and donating the money you would have used on razors, shaving cream, after shave, etc. to this non-profit organization to fund cancer prevention, research and education. This unique organization promotes cancer awareness through a growing tradition (no pun intended), and urges us to be thankful for the hair we do have. Yes, I know having hairy legs and a scruffy face can be bothersome, but just remember that by doing this simple challenge, you can honor those who aren’t able to participate.


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