The Book of Life Will Bring Life to Your Screen!

Cierra Locker

This cute love story, directed by Jorge R. Gutierrez, will have you intrigued. The Book of Life , which has wonderful animations and adventures, is sure to have the whole family hooked. This is a story of a young man named Manolo, who endures many struggles just for one woman, Maria, and his village. He sacrifices his life and freedom to travel to different worlds to be able to have everything he’s always dreamed of. Within these three worlds, he must face his greatest fears. Manolo, a guitar playing bullfighter that’s too kind to kill the bull, also has to face another trial for Maria: Joaquin, who shouts his name before a battle. The beautiful queen, La Muerte and her scary king, Xibalba make a bet on the two young men. Which one will walk away with the girl? I loved this movie, not only because of the great plot and love triangle, but because of the many lessons it teaches. It teaches anything from death shouldn’t be feared to celebrating the past and looking forward to the future. Also it teaches you to never give up on something you truly love.


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