Why Are You Thankful?

Peyton B. Goble

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on reasons to be thankful. Many people see Thanksgiving as a day to overindulge in great food, but how many people take time to think about what they are thankful for? 9th grade English teacher Mrs. Hamilton recalls that she is thankful for “God and all the blessing he has given me, my family and their unconditional love and my good health. I am also thankful for students that truly know they are welcome, feel at home when in my classroom and know they can come by my room anytime they want.” Mrs. Hamilton’s Thanksgiving traditions implement thankfulness in a fun way. Mrs. Hamilton described a game that her family plays on Thanksgiving Day: “We write down what we are thankful for without writing down our names. Then we draw them out, read and guess who wrote down what they are thankful for.” Overall Thanksgiving is holiday directed to giving thanks, but what makes Thanksgiving special is not only what it is about, but how it is celebrated. All families celebrate Thanksgiving in their own unique way by different traditions, cultures and religions.

Now that we have the perspective of a teacher, how would a student respect Thanksgiving? What would they be thankful for? Colton Williams states that he is thankful for “the first Thanksgiving, because without the first one we would not have Thanksgiving today.” Colton goes on to talk about his gratitude for his ancestors: “I am very thankful for my ancestors that came over from Germany.” Colton’s celebration for Thanksgiving, as he described, is, “I go to my grandmother’s house, eat, sleep and watch football. We often have family arguments that are quite interesting.” There is obviously a difference between a student’s view of Thanksgiving and a teacher’s view. Nevertheless, Thanksgiving will always be about thankfulness and enjoying the unique ways it is celebrated. It is a holiday about appreciating what we have…and that can include the tasty turkey and gravy on our plates, of course.


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