Wilmore, “The City Under the Cross”: What’s the Next Step?

Meredith Crockett

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 3.22.33 PM

Currently, the city of Wilmore is in an in-between battle of religious freedoms.
Just as Rowan County previously experienced, a regions person or group is trying to exercise
their religious freedoms in a government function. In Wilmore, a large, gleaming cross
sits atop a city water tower. The cross has been there for decades and is said to
represent the general atmosphere of Wilmore and the Christian values the city
upholds. A couple of months ago, the organization called Freedom From Religion
approached the city about bringing the cross down because of the inequality it
displays to the “second class citizens” who aren’t believers in what the cross
represents. Now, before we get into some screaming match about the Bill of Rights
or the Bible, I think it’s best that we look at the facts. According the
Establishment Clause of the constitution, the government cannot deny or endorse
any singular religion (Engel vs. Vitale). Knowing that, we can see that the cross
can’t be there according the constitution, but do Christians have to be happy about
this? Absolutely not. Wilmore has a lot of options for their next steps, but as I
read Facebook post after Facebook post and horrid comment sections on various
articles I think it’s very clear what the town needs to do. The city of Wilmore has
built a fragile act of Christianity on the sand that is the cross and has
completely forgotten to live out the practices that the cross represents. When
other Christians are declaring that everyone who disagrees is going to hell or this persons
going to hell, this group is going to hell, it’s incredibly hypocritical to the
Jesus that they’re working so hard to fight for. As a Christian myself, this breaks
my heart. Faith in Christ is not something that lives on a water tower, it’s
tangible and felt but others. It’s all around us and it is simply love. God is love
so Christianity is love. I think the city of Wilmore needs to take a step back and
realize just what that cross means. It means ultimate love and the ultimate
sacrifice made for us as people. So let us all extend that love and extend that
sacrifice to all others and show just why Wilmore is “The city under the Cross”.


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