Back in the Band: Districts Edition

Lauren Hemenover

Over the past month, while many of us have tried falling back into our monotonous school schedules, members of the WJHS band have been feverishly preparing for District 7 Honor Band auditions. Every note and rhythm was practiced until perfection, or as close to perfect as a human can get. The auditions were held on January 11th, and the results were astounding. Out of the many students from across the district who auditioned, including students from schools with some of the best band programs in the state, two of our very own, Kaitlyn Kearns and Evelyn Madill, qualified! Kaitlyn placed 14th chair in the Concert band among trumpet players, and Evelyn had the highest score among tenor saxophone players in the district, giving her 1st chair in the Symphonic Band. District 7 Honor Band is most certainly not an easy accomplishment. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication, something that these two, as well as others who auditioned, clearly expressed. Congrats to you two, and to the rest of those who auditioned!

What’s next on the agenda? Solo and Ensemble, which allows students to prepare pieces individually and/or with an ensemble and audition in front of judges to be scored, is coming up right around the corner on February 20th. Good luck to all of those participating! We can’t wait to see all of the accomplishments in store for the band!


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