East vs. West Recap

Saraya Young

The East vs. West games are always huge events for Jessamine County. January 8th’s basketball game had an incredible atmosphere, mostly due to the West Jess Colt Crazies and their Hippie/Tye dye out. The student section was packed (and extremely sweaty), brimming with energy and excitement. They tossed colorful streamers into the ceiling which added a colorful contrast from East’s blackout! Hundreds showed up early to support the girls, but despite their impressive effort, the Colts fell to the Jags 56-30. The starting lineup for the boys consisted of Wells Ducas, Siah Holifield, Isaiah Okesson, John Davis, and Bradley Tullar. By halftime, West already had double the points of East with 30-15. It was especially exciting for Siah Holifield, as he got the 1000th point of his highschool career. “It being against East made it better because everyone was there to see it,” Holifield said. He was the leading scorer for West at the half with 10 points. By the end of the game, our Colts had no problem beating the East Jags 76-49. Holifield with 20, Bruner 10, Chance 9, Davis 9, Seater 6, Peters 6, Ducas 5, Okesson 3, Anderson 3, Coleman 2, Tullar 2, Kemp 1. We are so proud of both of our basketball teams–great work, Colts!


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