Letter from an Editor

Judianne Speach

Dear West students and teachers,

It’s cold, we are snowed in, NTI work is out the roof…meanwhile, your fellow Colt Nation writers are working busily to construct January’s edition.

Reason number 1 for Why You Should Read the Colt Nation News: support your classmates.

Speaking of NTI, I’m glad we won’t be stuck in school in the month of June, but am I the only one who enjoyed shoveling the entire driveway more than sitting inside and doing homework? …because that’s how these snow days have gone.

So, why else should you read this newspaper? Well, it has all kinds of updates, whether they pertain to the school, the country, and sometimes the world. You’ll get a glimpse of your classmates’ opinions and you can better support your own ideas as a result. Plus, maybe you’ll end up reading about an interesting movie, or get an update from a sports event you missed, or read a recipe that makes your mouth water. Plus, if your teacher does not require you to read it and you get bored during class, it can be an excellent alternative to social media (which, let’s face it, sometimes you may scroll through the same pages multiple times…so why not change things up and read a few articles instead?).

Okay, okay, I know. It’s a newspaper and newspapers=reading and I can’t try to equate a compilation of student-written articles to the World Wide Web. I can, however, tell you that you’ll probably learn something new about the school, the school’s students, or the nation, and for that reason alone, please do more than read this one article. I’m actually pretty impressed that you’ve read this far because who cares to read an article about reading an article?

This leads me to my next point: the Colt Nation is currently packed with awesome pieces, but we want it to stay this interesting…which is why we need YOU! Writing for the Colt Nation does much more than fill a blank on a college application; it allows you to develop your opinions and ideas, discover and extend your interests, and improve your writing skills. Believe it or not, writing is very important, and the best way to perfect this skill is to practice. Plus, being on the Colt Nation writing team includes donuts. And who doesn’t love donuts? Last week, we even had an option: glazed or powdered. It may have been a harder decision than choosing which article to write (just kidding, I just ate both kinds).

All in all, just read the Colt Nation. We work hard to provide accurate and interesting articles just for you all. And, if you’re interested, contact any of the editors or Ms. Landon if you’re interested in writing!!


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