Principal Interview: Mr. McConnell

Rockwell Hamilton

This past week, I got to speak with Mr. McConnell, one of the assistant principals here at West Jessamine. He shined a little light on where our school is heading this coming year of 2016. The six-period day transition is better for most students, allowing them to stomach more classes and reduce the school day fatigue, but it also opens up more options for what students can do. However, there are some problems in classes with a lot of content, such as AP classes. Because classes have fifteen minutes less a day to cover content, the workload outside of school may increase. While there is no immediate solution to remedy this, they are going to look at the performance of students at the end of this year and see how this impacted them. Another problem that McConnell shared was the inconsistency of cell phone use in class. The school policy is that if it is out and not being used as a learning device, it is to be taken away. However, not all students follow this rule appropriately. Also spawning of this inconsistency are students who will not allow their teacher to take their phone, and it turns a simple issue with their phone being a source of defiance. So solve this problem, the administration is trying to make a clearer rule.

With the coming of a new year, there are programs already in the works. For example, in February, they are implementing a new phrase called Focus and Finish. While this is mainly aimed at seniors with F’s, this applies to everyone. Mr. McConnell and the rest of West administration plan to help get F’s up to passing grades so that we can have higher GPAS and more students walking at graduation. Thank you for the update, Mr. McConnell!


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