Turning Green

Kaili Carson

Those of you who went to Nicholasville Elementary school probably remember the once-lustrous greenhouse there on campus that now lies in shambles. It has been useless to the students and staff for the past several years and is a constant reminder of the wasted potential that the building has to offer. Having recognized this problem, West Jessamine High School’s Awaken Leadership class has decided to take initiative in order to revamp the NES greenhouse program.

Awaken has named the project “Turning Green”, and has set a series of short and long term goals in order to promote ecological awareness and youth engagement in the community. Obviously, their first and most pertinent objective is to get the greenhouse up and running again. They hope to accomplish this by mid-February, and will couple the completion with an unveiling event for the entire community. However, Turning Green will not be limited to the maintenance of the greenhouse. Members of the Awaken class that are participating in this impactful project envision a club and community garden in the future of the movement. Fundraising for Turning Green will begin very soon, so if you would like to support this worthy cause keep in mind that any contribution helps! Keep your eyes and ears open for updates on the progress of this project that will doubtless make Jessamine County a healthier, greener community to live in.


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