Dancing for a Cure

Alexa Meza

West Jessamine DanceBlue hosted their annual 8-hour dance marathon on January 30th at the RJ Corman Hanger. All year, students involved in this organization stayed after school to help plan, organize, and implement this event. Amber Adams, one of the many students who helped orchestrate the marathon, says that the key to this event is to stay standing the entire time. “We stand for the kids who can’t!” Adams said. While the University of Kentucky holds a 24-hour dance marathon, this “mini marathon” was a success and ultimately raised $3,157.51 from donations as well as from donations students collected from community members and businesses who sponsored them. These funds were sent to benefit research for pediatric cancer at the university. Amber recalled that her favorite part of the event was the reveal of the total funds raised at the end of the 8 hours. “When you see what an impact you are making, it’s huge,” she explained. The organization is already making plans for DanceBlue 2017 and welcomes anyone who is interested.


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