The History of Valentine’s Day

Saraya Young

February 14th is a happy and romantic day for millions of people. On this day, loved ones exchange candy and flowers as an expression of their adoration for each other. There’s a lot of mystery behind the origin of Valentine’s Day. No one knows how it originated for sure, but some historians think that the day is named after St. Valentine, a priest in 17th century Rome. During that time, the emperor who ruled Rome thought that single men made better soldiers than married ones. He outlawed marriage for all the men serving in the army. Valentine didn’t think this decision was fair, so he starting marrying couples secretly. When the emperor found out, he had Valentine put in prison and later sentenced him to death. The couples he had married put flowers and cards on his grave, which is how the tradition of exchanging these gifts originated. Another famous figure that represents Valentine’s Day is Cupid. Cupid is the Roman god of love who was known for shooting other gods and goddesses with his arrow, causing them to fall in love. We may never know the true history behind Valentine’s Day, but it’s an important holiday for couples every year.

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