Principal’s Corner: Mr. Albertson

Judianne Speach

Each month, Colt Nation looks forward to the principal’s updates. It is always important to hear West happenings from a principal’s perspective!

Hopefully all of us are well familiar with NTI days by now. There’s nothing like school work on a snow day. We will be extremely thankful for them when summer rolls around, though! Mr. Albertson reports that NTI completion has been much more successful for the last three NTI days than for the first three. “I think students being held accountable affects this,” Albertson says. “We hope to get 100% participating; we certainly don’t want NTI to affect students’ grades negatively. I am proud of the students’ participation!”

When asked about upcoming school events, Albertson replied that he looks forward to the upcoming spring arts performances, saying that “we always have an awesome musical performance. The actors and the band do an excellent job”. He also anticipates the “excitement and energy of the district basketball games.” He loves that the Colt Crazies faithfully travel and informs us that we plan to have as many fans present at the Mercer County game as the home team does.

Due to the influx of electives in the past couple of years, the teachers and counselors are working on reshaping career pathways. “We want students to take classes in the best order for their achievement,” Albertson says. “For example, students should take Integrated Science before Geology.” This allows for such classes to be as beneficial as possible. Mr. Albertson is pleased with the progress the teachers are making in regards to this project.

Lastly, he wants juniors to be aware of the upcoming ACT at the beginning of March. “It is not just important for the school; it is extremely important for the individual,” Albertson reminds us. Any individual preparation, whether it is taking an ACT course or completing practice questions, will greatly contribute to your best performance.

Thank you for the updates, Mr. Albertson!


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