Sleeping Beauty With a Twist: A Review

Sarah Nesselroade

This year marks the third annual Student-Led Drama Production here at West Jessamine High School. Having been in the cast of the past two, I was so excited to see what this show would bring! Sleeping Beauty has always been one of my all-time favorite Disney Princess movies, and with that said, I was curious about how the whole “with a twist” would work out. Flipping the iconic roles to having the Prince (Parker Tussey) fall into a deep slumber and having Aurora (Marley Woods) save the day made me wonder if the story would still keep its archetypal charm. Well, I was more than pleasantly surprised! Aurora still kept her princess-like ambiance, with a little bit of sass! And the prince was still very much like the Prince Philip I remember admiring from the classic film. Beyond this, the acting was superb! Everyone fell into their characters so naturally and all brought something new and different that truly made this show unique in more ways than one! Morgana (Tia Rivel) basically had me scared for my life. I think she should have been casted instead of Angelina Jolie. Queen Catherine (Katy Hamilton) was practically the epitome of all Dance Moms and comically attempted to live through her daughter, Aurora. The Fairy-Godmothers, Peaseblossom, Gardenia, and Daffodil (Madi Baldwin, Kelsey Simpkins, and Gabby Urmanski), were the comic relief of the film and brought much of the laughter that was present at the show. Great job, ladies! Of course, King John and Queen Anne (Zac Hamilton and Meredith Frank) were the delightfully cute royal couple that helped bring a wholesome quality to the show. As for the lords and ladies of the court/minions, I could not contain myself; you were hilarious and the show would not have been complete without you all. Great job! And a special congratulations to Emma Lewis and Ana Flores, with the help of their assistant director, Dylan Moberly, for putting together a fantastic show that creates a new standard for the shows in years to come! Great job to all! There is a bright future ahead for drama at West Jessamine High School!


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