Summer School (But Not Really)

Lauren Hemenover

It’s only the second month of the new year, and students are already getting anxious for those summer nights (Sandy and Danny singing their hearts out should pop into your head right about now). It’s not uncommon to already have plans made for the upcoming summer, especially for those who will be graduating soon. But for those of you who haven’t thought that far ahead yet, here’s a little something to think about.

Most everyone knows about summer programs like GSP and GSA, but there are thousands of other programs and camps that exist all across the nation. Colleges near and far offer a variety of summer programs that allow you to experience life on a college campus, explore and experiment with fields and majors you might want to pursue, and meet and connect with other students from across the globe. These programs vary in all shapes and sizes, but there are certainly ones out there that will appeal to your interests. So whether you’re an engineering buff, the future president of the United States, or the person who prefers music over athletics (or vice versa), there is something out there for you.

In addition to this one-of-a-kind experience, you’ll receive more attention from colleges. I know it already seems like colleges know more about us than we know about ourselves, but opportunities like this allow colleges in which you are actually interested to reach you. Attending a summer program at a college can also be included on college applications and resumes, giving you an extra boost against other applicants. It’s a win-win situation!

If this is something that has captured your attention, also make note that the deadline for sign-ups for a lot of these programs arrives sooner than you think, sometimes as early as March. So whether you start your summer program search at Asbury, UK, or the college of your dreams, be sure to do it soon! Don’t miss out on such an incredible opportunity!


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