A Different Look at Obesity

Rockwell Hamilton

Obesity it is a problem spreading across the nation. About 35.7 percent of the population in the United States has a problem with obesity. Many people attribute the growing amount of obese people to our diet, as we eat about 400 calories more than we did forty years ago. Some think the problem is the amount of junk food we eat, however, that is not the main problem. In a study done by Cornell University, they explained how the amount of junk food eaten by people with normal body fat ratios and people who were defined as obese were very similar. It only started to vary at the extremes of weight – people who were way too small or way too large. The real problem is a sedentary lifestyle (when people are not active) combined with people in the U.S.A. consuming too many calories. I’m not saying eating junk food is ok, it’s just that you don’t have to take everything you enjoy out of your diet to live a healthy lifestyle. It is important that you eat what you enjoy for the most part, while also maintaining an active, involved lifestyle.


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