It’s The Final(s) Countdown

Lauren Hemenover

With only a handful of weeks left until everyone starts belting out the lyrics to that notorious High School Musical song (you know what I’m talking about), the anticipation for summer is pretty high. But anxiety levels right now are soaring through the roof. Why? Because the AP tests and finals that we have tried to pretend don’t exist are coming around the corner faster than teenagers driving on U.S. 68. With all of the information that will be crammed into our heads in the next couple of weeks, there is one thing that won’t be hard to forget: Students+Dying=Studying. To minimize the casualties of our student body, here are a couple of studying tips that you might of never heard of before from Buzzfeed and Ryerson University ( that will have you going from singing “Stressed Out” to “Here Comes the Sun”:


  1. LOL

            Laughing releases a lot of tensions in our bodies. Because we tend to stress out when we study, a little laughter break every once in awhile will bring some much needed relief. So kick back, relax (for a short while), and enjoy some Jimmy Fallon lip sync battles.

  1. Treat Yo’self

Be sure to give yourself a little incentive from time to time. You’ll work more efficiently if you have something that you can look forward to. Remember: studying isn’t supposed to be self-torture.


  1. Remove the Headphones

For those of you who are die-hard music enthusiasts, this one you may not like so much. Music actually hinders your ability to concentrate and focus. If you absolutely cannot stand the sound of silence, listen to instrumental music.


  1. Light it Up

            When possible, try studying outside. The more natural light you have, the more focused and less tired you will feel when studying. In addition, try studying in different places. Switching things up a bit will actually increase your ability to retain information.


  1. Smack the Gum

            Chewing gum gives your brain a little something to do while you fill it up with knowledge. For those who don’t like gum, there’s not really much you can do for this one.


  1. Bring Out the Yoga Pants

            You don’t necessarily need to do yoga to increase your brain power, but any form of exercise will benefit you in more ways than one. It gives your mind a much needed study break while improving your brain function. A couple of sun salutations or some jogging should do the trick.


  1. Animal Therapy

            Who wouldn’t want a furry little friend to take away their finals stress? Whether you are a dog or a cat person, spending time interacting with animals will simultaneously leave you in a great mood and melt your heart.


  1. “It’s Good Mood Food”

            Unfortunately, we aren’t plants, which means we can’t make our own food. Because we are humans, the food we consume is our fuel and power source, especially when cracking down for finals. Make sure you eat well and in generous amounts when you study, especially when you are doing it for hours at a time. Your brain and body will thank you.


  1. Evoke Emotions

            We all know that there are certain events in our lives that we remember so vividly because of the emotions we associate with them. This concept can also be applied to studying. So let the subjects you dislike the most make you angry – the stronger the emotional association, the more likely you are to remember it.


  1. Be Creative

No two people study the exact same way. Develop your own strategies that allow you to study the most efficiently. Whether that means sitting in a quiet, comfortable space to study the importance of cellular respiration or create dance routines to memorize the different parts of the FDR and Reagan administrations, be creative about it. But most importantly, do whatever works best for you!













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