Opinion: Is This the Best We Have to Offer?

Colton Williams

Is it?

The boorish, populist Donald Trump? The universally despised and possibly constitutionally ineligible Ted Cruz? The lifelong mooching socialist Bernie Sanders? The serial liar, scandal-ridden and FBI-investigated Hillary Clinton?

At this point, it’s down to two. Cruz dropped out and Sanders is essentially barred by the Democratic Party from ever winning. But the question remains, are these really the best people to run the country?

There are 320 million people in the United States. Let’s pick one of them. What about any of the numerous Republican or Democratic politicians that aren’t any of the things listed above (scandal-ridden, boorish, universally despised, etc.)? Doesn’t it seem like some small-town mayor would make a better president than these people? Or a local fireman? Or an accountant or bank teller or teacher or lawyer or engineer? Or Dr. Wells?

Bill Maher does a segment on his show called ‘I don’t know it for a fact… I just know it’s true,’ and that’s how I feel about this election. I don’t know for a fact that all of the aforementioned people would make a better president than Clinton or Trump… I just know it’s true.

Donald Trump is a lot of things. One thing he is not is a conservative. He’s been a Democrat. He’s supported abortion. He’s said he was “very liberal when it comes to healthcare.” He supported a large one-time tax on the wealthy. He’s even given money to Hillary Clinton!

Unlike others who parade around with their fingers stuck in their ears, waving around cardboard posters, I don’t think Trump is a racist, or a sexist, or a bigot. He is just a big, 69-year-old toddler used to getting his way, and when he doesn’t, he resorts to infantile insults. He speaks off the cuff, which results in him saying seemingly racist, sexist, or bigoted things. No, he doesn’t ‘tell it like it is,’ he tells it like he feels like in that moment. Often he changes his opinion within the same day. He says nothing, and nothing he does say means anything. He’s going to build a big beautiful wall, he’s going to work so well with China, he’s going to be so tough on Mexico, he’s going bomb the *expletive* out of ISIS, he’s going to replace ObamaCare with something so much better. He has no specifics, no policies, no principles, and no qualifications to be President of the United States. Liberals don’t like him, and conservatives shouldn’t either.

Ted Cruz is hated by nearly every human being on the planet, and that could be considered a problem for someone who wants to be the next leader of the free world. Former Speaker of the House John Boehner – a Republican – called Cruz “Lucifer in the flesh.” Lucifer! The former highest-ranking Republican called one of the final GOP Presidential candidates the devil!

Ted Cruz’s college roommate called him a “nightmare of a human being” and “his personality his so awful that 99 percent of why I hate him his just his personality” and “I would rather anybody else be the President of the United States.” He actually lived with Cruz. They had to cohabitate together in a Princeton dorm room, and apparently Ted Cruz is just the worst. What could you do to have people hate you – not your politics – but YOU, so much?

Additionally, Cruz might not even be eligible to be President. He was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, to an American mother and a Cuban father. The Constitution requires the President to be at least 35 years old, a resident of the U.S. for fourteen years, and a natural born citizen. Now, most legal scholars agree that since Cruz’s mother was an American, he qualifies as “natural born.” But, does anyone remember the sitting President, Barack Obama? Remember when Republicans went crazy that Obama might have possibly been born in Kenya (he wasn’t) to an American mother? Do we remember that? We know for a fact that Ted Cruz was born in Canada, and yet no Republican blinks an eye. It’s something to think about, as you generally like your President to be unquestionably eligible for office.

Cruz also derided “New York values,” while he takes money from, and his wife is employed by, Goldman Sachs. Unbelievable hypocrisy. I’m not from New York, I didn’t even particularly like New York when I visited, but this comment rubbed me the wrong way. Who is Ted Cruz to criticize New York values? New Yorkers are Americans, unlike some of us. What are Calgary’s values? Do they include being an unlikable monster of a human that everyone loathes?


Now for the Democrats.

We all know about Hillary Clinton. She’s been running for President since 1992. The main reason I ask “really? Her?” is that I would expect the Democratic Party to come up with something better in the past thirty years. She lost once to an upstart young senator and now she should be losing to an old socialist senator. Do the democrats have no one else? No one more likable? Someone who hasn’t been through several scandals and is in the thick of one now? What’s her appeal? Yes, she has a list of titles, but does she have a list of accomplishments? As a Senator, she had positions and voted on bills that were pretty illiberal by today’s standards, be it the Iraq War or her comments on gay marriage. As Secretary of State, she clearly made mistakes in Libya and Russia that have far-reaching effects.

Election to the Senate from a state you kind of live in isn’t an accomplishment. Being married to the President is not an accomplishment. Becoming Secretary of State as political patronage is not an accomplishment. Achieving things in those positions is an accomplishment. I don’t know of any.

Bernie Sanders is everything Hillary Clinton isn’t. He’s new, exciting, fresh, energetic, and brings a message that inspires people, especially the youth. He seems more in tune with the direction of the party than Clinton, as he continually pushes her left and alters her talking points. The problem, of course, is that he is a socialist. The term carries with it a certain stigma that conjures up images of death, starvation, privation, and suffering. Regardless, he should be much closer to Clinton in the delegate count than he is now. The superdelegate system has assured that the ultra-liberal wing of the party never sees the real political change it wants, but just a pat on the back and a nod for trying.

With all that said, I don’t think the world is ending. This isn’t the worst politics has ever been. We will make it through this election cycle and many more. Trump’s insults and Clinton’s lies aren’t the worst things to ever happen in U.S. politics. Vice President Aaron Burr shot and killed Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton. We’re not to that point – at least not yet.



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