Poetry Corner

“Finals Week”

By Rosemary Alden


I feel a traveler

Floating above every test.

Peering beyond the tangible ledge.

Ready to start anew


I feel a traveler

Aching to be released

Finished with my current routine.


I feel a traveler

Welcoming the pleasant uncertainty

As long as I get to move.


I feel a traveler

Longing for a new adventure

Free of concrete shoes.


I feel a traveler

Lost in loose ends

While mentally knotted


I feel a traveler

With the taste of so much to say

And nothing new coming to mind.


I feel a traveler

Caught in limbo between…

Today and tomorrow.


I feel a traveler with everywhere to go

While tethered to a past dock.

And there is no sailing – just patience.



“Sounds like it can think”

By Jefferson Camacho


The sweat melodies of pianos.

Notes vibrate through space and time.

Music created by hollow bones.

Intelligent beings listen for a better rhyme.


Every sound creating a perfect pitch.

Music trying to prove it’s alive.

Giving its fruits, beautiful and rich.

An ocean of awe, jump and dive.


Its passion is to please.

Its mission is to be loved.

Its visions never to seize.

A variety of uses, war or a flying white dove.


It can influence for good or evil.

Depends on the hands controlling it.

It only wants good to be fulfilled.

On those who are capable to hear it.


Whether you love or despise.

What’s your preference, a fast or slow rate?

Music is confused but wants to rise.

Wants to know the living or non-living debate.



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