Poetry Corner

All the “Bells and Whistles”

By: Rosemary Alden

One, Two, Three.

Whistle, run.

Whistle, pass.

Whistle, shoot.

Coach blew.

Whistle, go.

COACH. team?

Arrive, Early, Ready.

Whistle, Work- THEN.

Structured, Frame. Conform.

Coach, blew.

Whistle, listen.

COACH, not me.

Arrive, Early, Ready.

Bell, Work- THEN.

Pre-Structured. THEIR frame.

1st, 2nd, 3rd…

Bell, Block.

Bell, Switch, 5 mins.


Bell, lunch

Bell, Block.

Bell, Switch, 5 mins.

Again, Again, Again…

Teacher assigned.

Bell, homework due- THEN.

Purpose, Maybe? Due Date.

Learn, Everything? Graded.

Bell, Work- WHEN ELSE?

Time, gone, Social Media BLACK HOLE.

Life, YOU.

Time, spent, how?


Straying From the Unknown

By: Jefferson Camacho


Late nights, with baggy eyes.

Every second approaches to when we’ll die.

Mind is running, active like a sprinter.

Consequently, tomorrow we’ll receive the effects of being a drinker.

The train is rushing somewhere.

This pencil on paper sounds louder the more you stare.

Red spots all around.

In their annoyance one will drown.

Have to face tomorrow’s hypocrisy.

“Everyone, look at me. Aren’t I fancy?”

YOU are more than that, wake up.

All that designer clothes, Really? Stop.

Swim towards the known, that is unknown.

Bring it out of the shadows, where it will all be shown.

Into the sun. Where there’s energy.

Where no more is there the necessity to pay a fee.

It will grow into a great uniqueness.

Where YOU are no longer the stress.

Prepare for the emerging challenge.

Start of with YOU, rather than societies balances.



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